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Adventure Land

Spiderman costumes are always fascinating and the gamers keep looking to find the new costumes. Let’s see where you can find these Spiderman costumes.


Suit Big Time

In Times Square, look behind the red window on the terraces and find the symbol of the Amazing Spiderman.


Black Suit Sam Raimi Trilogy

To the left of the main building of Oscorp, look under the gazebo, in the narrowest part of the park and near the Daily Bugle as there is the symbol of the Amazing Spider-Man.


Future Foundation Suit

One block to the right of North Bridge (near Oscorp Lab over northern New York), look for a small alley behind the gas station and find symbol.


Negative Zone Suit

Search on the Beenox building (the second construction counting from the Brooklyn Bridge) and see the symbol.


Scarlet Spider Costume

Source is located near the center of Central Park, so move north to find the medium, which is located right in the middle Central Park. To the right, you will see a red spider which is none other than Spiderman medal.


Black Suit The Amazing Spiderman 2

Successfully complete the game 100% to unlock this striking and evil black suit The Amazing Spider-Man 2.


Classic Costume

Register your game at any of the DLC, including any code you could have received with a pre-order to buy video games and find this classic Spider-Man costume. You will have available in the apartment of Peter Parker.


Cross Suit Species

Successfully complete the game on all difficulty levels to unlock the costume Cross Species of Spider-Man.


Original Costume (without belt)

When the game starts, you must go to the apartment of Peter Parker and review costumes options. The original is kept in the closet


Time Selection

Successfully complete Story mode and then go to your apartment and immediately get out of there. Then, a menu appears allowing you to change the time of day.


Locator Comics Pages

Get 500 pages of comics. There are 700 in total of which 100 are flying and 600 are detained there. Both groups are both open world and levels and unlock locator comic pages in the sample yellow on the mini map.


Achieve XP Points and Technology

In chapter 1, Oscorp is your friend and fight the S-01. For each kill you get 2,000 XP and 150 Tech points. Every death takes about four minutes. Follow eliminating enemies in the S-01 and thus you arrive quickly to the desired level for maximizing your capabilities


References to Guitar Hero

Find a pawnshop in the city. They are easy to spot looking for red and green signs that say ‘Buy and Sell’. Look into the windows of any of these stores looking for a pair of old Guitar Hero controllers for sale.


References Stan Lee

The owner of the apartment where Peter lives is called Stan. His name is mentioned several times. In one of the DLC it revealed that Stan is really Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man and other Marvel superheroes. Please, visit this website for more tips and tricks about Spiderman game.

Guide to Unlock Costumes of the Amazing Spiderman